3. Intro to "Blue Sky Rebellion", Steve Cohn's debut novel

Many of you have known me as a local politician or an attorney. Others may know me through my first book "Citizen Cohn: Memoir of Sacramento City Councilman Steve Cohn" which was published last year. After the shock of the 2016 election, I have spent the last year writing a novel. Although I have written many legal and political advocacy pieces over the years, fiction has proven to be my voice of choice in this new era of "fake news" and "alternative facts".

Welcome to “Blue Sky Rebellion”, my debut novel to be published later this year, which is set in the near future with America wracked by climate change, economic inequality and terrorism. Out of a toxic political culture arises a billionaire con man who conspires with Russia to hijack the election and expand his power and family fortune. Sound familiar? Of course, but what happens next may surprise you. A grass roots environmental and human rights movement arises in Northern California and spreads like wildfire to fight the nation’s slide into fascism and save the planet from the ravages of climate change. When the President’s puppet masters up the ante, the movement erupts into a full-fledged rebellion energized by the unlikeliest of heroes, an aimless young man named Nick Cline who journeys through the heart of America seeking his identity. But will he discover his destiny in time to help a reeling nation recommit to certain truths it once declared to be self-evident?

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2. Putting 2016 in the Rearview Mirror.

I can’t put 2016 in the rearview mirror fast enough. There were some positive highlights to be sure, especially in October when Sir Paul McCartney christened the sparkling new Golden 1 Center in Downtown Sacramento and I published my first book However, between my brain tumor and this year’s Presidential Election, this was the worst year in my memory. Will 2017 be any better? I certainly hope so. On a personal level, as I recover from successful brain surgery, my weakened right side continues to regain mobility and strength; it just hasn’t caught up with my left side yet. But on the world stage, with the Manchurian candidate Donald Trump in office, all bets are off.

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