Announcing the publication of

Citizen Cohn

The life. The journey. The legacy.

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Facing surgery to remove a brain tumor, Steve Cohn wrote this memoir chronicling his life's story, from his Grandfather's daring escape from the Russian Army in Ukraine during World War I and Cohn's childhood growing up in mid-century Missouri, to his adult life in Northern California, where he raised a family and began his long career as an attorney for the nation's most progressive electric utility and a civic leader for "America's Most Livable City."

Cohn was one of the longest serving City Council members in the history of Sacramento, dating back to the California Capital's founding during the Gold Rush in 1849. Cohn's memoir shines a light on how local politics was played, for better or worse, during some of the Capital's most controversial battles over the last 25 years, including the saga of the Sacramento Kings NBA Basketball team and the building of the new Downtown Arena.

Cohn's memoir also tells the story of some of the Council's toughest decisions to change the City's development pattern from it's post-war suburban, automobile-oriented past to a more sustainable vision of Sacramento as "America's Most Livable City."